Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage restoration

Finest Atlanta Damage Restoration is the only call you need to make when you’ve experienced damage from a fire – we do it all! We are the Atlanta area’s #1 trusted source in fire damage. Experiencing a fire in your living or work space is stressful enough; let us take care of all the details! From smoke damage to water damage to leaks caused by the water sprayed, we have the right expertise to restore your space to its original beauty.


Although these are the universally accepted classifications of fire damage, insurance companies have a broader way of classifying these damages. Fire damages originating from direct contact with flames are termed as primary damages. On the other hand, fire damages emanating from smoke and corrosive substances released by fire are termed as secondary fires..

Your home and offices are where you spend a lot of your time. We understand that you want to get back to home and work as soon as possible. Let us put you back into business quickly. Our experts are licensed and insured. You can rest assured that your property will be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Why Do You Need A Fire Damage Restoration Company?

Why do I need to hire a fire damage restoration company? Why can’t I simply do it myself? The answer is very simple. There are many reasons why you should call the experts, and here are just some of them.

Water Left Behind

After those fire trucks leave, your house will be drenched with water. Why bother trying to do the endless task of drying your house by yourself? Besides, it will likely take more time if you do it yourself, and if the water isn’t cleaned immediately, your house can turn into a haven for mold.


The ash and soot left behind by the fire can in no terms left where they are even for a short term. Fire leaves behind acid. Your furniture will start to turn yellow, your appliances will start to rust, and the paint will start peeling off your wall.

It’s Dangerous

That’s right. Soot and ash get caught in your sofas and cushions. They travel throughout your house through the air ducts and get stuck there. They can also cause extensive damage to your lungs.
So if you’ve had a fire, don’t delay. This is not something you want to go all alone.

Choosing the Right Fire Damage Company

Fire damage can be a devastating event for a home. While some homes that are affected by fire damage may be complete teardowns, other damaged homes can be saved with some complex fire repair. If your home has been damaged by fire, it would be a great option to choose a professional fire damage company to help with your repairs. When choosing a fire damage company, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Whether you have experienced fire damage or water damage, don’t panic and don’t delay. Let your first call be your last call!

Call us at (430)562-0139 and speak with one of our expertly trained professionals. Whatever you need, we can help!

Fire Damage Leaves Hidden Health Hazards In Its Wake
If your house has experienced a fire, it’s not enough that the fire was simply put out and extinguished. Even after the fire itself is seemingly gone, its effects remain, lingering on to haunt you.
One problem is mold. When the fire was put out, your house and furniture were likely soaked with water, and if left unattended, mold could start growing. Mold can cause some health damage.
But the real hazards left by fire damage is smoke. These days, there is no such thing as a wall that is only a wall. All houses have air conditioning and heat ducts in their walls, and when a fire occurs, smoke billows through the air ducts and travels all around the house.
In its wake, the smoke leaves plenty of ash and soot stuck in your walls. This is dangerous, as ash and soot can cause respiratory issues, and are damaging to the lungs.

As you can imagine, removing all that ash and soot stuck in your walls is not exactly something that you can do yourself. That’s why we are here to help you.
So if you’ve unfortunately suffered from a fire in your home, make sure to give us a call so that you can continue to live safely.

Fire Damage Remediation Techniques

Any size fire can be devastating whether it occurs at your business or within your home. Outside of the obvious damage caused by flames, fire also leaves behind a great deal of smoke and soot damage. This is why you want to call in a fire remediation expert as soon as possible to get a look at your home. Due to the massive smoke and soot residue that is left in a home you need professionals to look over the home before you attempt to return to it. Even if it a fire is contained in most cases the smoke damage will not be.

There are many fire damage remediation techniques, but ideally the focus should be on restoring the items and shape of your overall home. Some companies focus on replace over repair, so you want to choose a company that values your home and the items inside of it. Using the correct and approved fire damage remediation techniques it is possible to salvage many things after a home fire unless the home itself is considered a complete loss. For more information call up a professional fire damage service today.

Fire Damage Equipment

Our fire damage equipment is a very important part of the services that we offer to our customers. We make sure that we have the best equipment when we start working with our clients, and we will show you how we place to manage all the fire damage in your home. We have many pieces of equipment that are going to prove useful in your home, and we bring all of them to your appointment.

We know that there are many kinds of fire damage, and we are going to make it much simpler for you to get the care that you need. Your home is going to look much better after the work has been done, and we are going to guarantee that your house will look good again.

We have all the professional gear that is needed to make your home look great again, and we are going to make it easy for you to get back into your home after a flood. We do not waste time, and we are not going to cause you problems. We just make sure that you are going to get a clean house that is going to be safe to live in again.